Talent Management Services

Are you looking to improve the skill level of your executive team?
Not sure if you should upgrade or add to your management team?

Building a strong management team is no longer a simple straightforward process.  The decision to hire or upgrade your team requires an in depth impartial analysis.  It typically requires multiple approaches to executive capital development including organization planning & development, management team and executive assessment, executive search & talent acquisition, interim management, on-boarding and coaching.  Since most firms focus on one or two of these services, they tend to steer the conversation toward what they provide and not what you might really need.

Since the J. F. Smith & Associates team provides all of these important services, the firm is uniquely equipped to assist you in the evaluation and selection of one or more of these alternative approaches and to deliver them as an integrated package of services.

The J. F. Smith & Associates team has an in-depth understanding of your unique needs for executive talent.  We are eminently qualified to provide a coordinated, synergistic service that combines the following:

  • Improve the skills of your current executive team with one on one coaching and/or organization and leadership development. 
  • Support short term immediate and high priority needs through interim management on a part-time and/or consulting basis.  Interim services can also be provided during the executive search planning and execution.
  • Upgrade or add to your team with Executive Search and Talent Acquisition supported by an unusually informed, comprehensive research and networking capability.   Our search team will include industry and functional experts.
  • Accelerate the effectiveness of your new hire with a fully integrated program for the successful Orientation & Assimilation candidate and management team that employs “best in class” on-boarding, coaching and counseling approaches.

The J. F. Smith & Associates Talent Management team may consist of all or some of the following:  a practice leader, an experienced, senior management executive search consultant, a senior industry and/or functional executive, and an on-boarding and coaching specialist.  Since our team approach to talent management and acquisition is more efficient, you will save time and money.