On Call Executive AdvisorsSM

Does your organization have skill gaps in its management team?
Do you wish you had someone to call when you and your team are looking for advice?

J. F. Smith & Associates has the solution – On Call Executive Advisorssm.

J. F. Smith & Associates (JFSA) has developed On Call Executive Advisorssm to fill the skill gaps and advise you and your management team.  Most small to mid-size companies and nonprofit organizations cannot afford to have senior or “C” level people in all functional areas - finance/accounting, human resources, information technology, operations, and marketing.  Often, that level of skill is only needed one to three days per month.   Your On Call Executive Advisorssm enables you to tap into those high level resources in an affordable way that is tailored to your specific needs.  

JFSA works with your management team at the strategic, tactical, and operational levels to determine how to best support your strategic plan and current organizational mission.  We have developed some fundamental tools and processes that keep your consulting costs low but result in demonstrable improvement to your Executive Management functionality.  This approach will enable you to maximize returns while minimizing your spending.  Your On Call Executive Advisorssm provides a seamless enhancement to your existing management team’s skills and experience.  Regardless of your level of staffing and sophistication, we can improve your organization and results. 

Our work effort can be as little as one to three days per month and includes onsite, phone or email support throughout each month.  We work with you as a high level collaborative team.  Our advice will result in improvements and typically will generate tangible cost savings that can be used to fund your “wish we could afford” list.