Non-Profit Services

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Today’s uncertain and difficult times demand that nonprofit organizations make the most of their human capital. Bright, energetic staff and dedicated volunteers are wonderful to have. But their value will never be realized, and they’ll probably seek fulfillment with competing agencies, if the organizational structure they’re working within is flawed and underdeveloped.

J. F. Smith & Associates is dedicated to empowering nonprofit leaders and their organizations to grow and thrive like never before. We do this by helping staff and volunteers understand and holistically apply four critical elements of nonprofit capacity building: Governance, Strategic Planning, Fundraising, and Public Relations. 

This dynamic process produces enduring, positive results in a short period of time—everything from surpassed fundraising goals to improved board performance to reduced staff and volunteer turnover.
Also, because we believe that building solid organizational capacity is “job one,” we provide value-added assistance in all four of the aforementioned areas during the course of every consulting assignment.

J. F. Smith & Associates will enable your nonprofit organization to quickly capitalize on its internal strengths and achieve long-term success and community impact.

Our services include:


  • Board member roles and responsibilities
  • In-depth Board assessments
  • Mentoring services
  • Trustee recruiting, development, and conflict resolution counsel
  • Troubleshooting (board structure, meeting dynamics, communications procedures, etc.)
  • Governance materials preparation (board manuals, policy documents, etc.)

Strategic Planning

  • Pre-planning guidance
  • Planning workshops, meetings, and retreats
  • Plan development support
  • Plan implementation


  • Assessments and feasibility studies
  • Fundraising fundamentals workshops
  • Development planning
  • Funding prospect research
  • Grant proposal preparation
  • Funding prospect cultivation/solicitation
  • Major gifts/capital campaign planning and execution

Public Relations

  • PR assessment and planning services
  • Communications best practices counsel

Specialized support services

  • Executive Search
  • Coaching--For corporate executives transitioning into the nonprofit realm
  • Training and Mentoring—of staff, board members, volunteers, development officers and
    Executive Directors/CEO’s

Let Our Business Health Check Be Your Secret Weapon

Now, more than ever, it is critically important to know the pulse of your people, processes, and productivity.      J. F. Smith & Associates has a long, successful history of helping for profit and nonprofit organizations clear the fog on the root causes of business challenges. We provide concise recommendations for course-corrections and guide teams through transitions.

Our experienced team of professionals use customized assessments, industry trend analyses, in-depth interviews, and cross-industry "know how" to assess Finance, Accounting, Technology, Human Resources, Marketing, and Fundraising. Our proven process requires minimum time from your staff.

Our Business Health Check is designed to:

Identify Operational and Opportunity Risks Associated With…

  • Resource conservation and efficiency improvements
  • Leadership transition
  • Tactics to advance new programs or products
  • Merger readiness
  • Internal, external, and crisis communications
  • Senior Leadership and team effectiveness
  • Earned revenue and fundraising losses

Provide Actionable Recommendations Which May Include…

  • Strategic, technology, people, sales and marketing, or fundraising plans
  • Improvements to processes, procedures, systems, and controls
  • Changes to business, department, or board structure and staffing levels
  • Redefined roles and responsibilities
  • Improvements to leadership and team dynamics
  • Reduced costs and enhanced external relationships 
  • Improve earned revenue and fundraising