J. F. Smith & Associates Opens Management Consulting Multi-Practice Operations in Philadelphia

FORT WASHINGTON, PA, October 1, 2008 ­ J.F. Smith & Associates announces the launch of its multi-discipline management consulting practice in the Greater Philadelphia Region. The firm brings together a team of nine experienced thought leaders who provide high level strategic planning advice coupled with sound functional solutions.

J. F. Smith & Associates was founded by Joel F. Smith to meet the demanding needs of recently merged and acquired firms in the region, as well as those who have recently downsized or are assessing their internal resources. Smith, formerly a principal with The People Source Group, is well known as a trusted advisor to C-level executives and boards. Joining Smith are nine practice leaders including Gail Egan, the former President of Lankenau Hospital, Adam Moskow, a serial entrepreneur and strategic planning consultant, Pat Weeks, a former VP with Fox Chase Cancer Center, John Bond, a senior finance executive with extensive experience in life sciences, Dr. Karl Bortnick, a former senior information technology leader under 5 City of Philadelphia administrations, Francine Carb, an industry respected leader in Marketing of technology and life science companies, Dr. Annette Cremo, a thought leader in adult learning and organizational development, Ben Goldberg, a well known consultant in the early stage and venture capital community, and Jim Geier, a well respected human capital strategy consultant.

"We have assembled a team that can assist companies in the most dominant industries in the region,” stated Smith. “Unlike other firms who only offer advice, we provide clients with a holistic solution from strategy through functional execution. Although most company issues and their resolutions start at the top, solutions are implemented through sound process improvements and communications at the functional level. For this reason, we have included practice leaders in finance, human resources, information technology, marketing and training.”

The cornerstone of J. F. Smith & Associates is its proprietary methodology, called Real Results®. Real Results® uses a facilitative approach to strategic planning. It helps the client’s management team identify and define the tensions within the organization, so that we can then work to develop and implement the solutions. “We searched for a proven methodology that was aligned with our consulting philosophy,” stated Smith. “Real Results® with 14-years of success coupled with its facilitative model made the most sense to us. Our clients know their businesses better than we ever could. We help them navigate through all of the noise and distraction of day to day business to find the answers.”

J. F. Smith & Associates’ headquarters is located in the Fort Washington Industrial Park. For more information, contact Joel Smith at 267-513-1776 or visit us at www.JFSmithAssociates.com.